$800,000 in 90 days? Hmmm… I’m Skeptical, But Intrigued. Let’s try it and see what happens…

Have you ever opened your mail to find a three-page letter that began with a hard-luck story about a man that had his car repossesed and had scores of creditors making his life miserable until he participated in a ‘capital accumulation program’ that raised over $800,000 in cash in only 90 days? Well, more than one of these letters has hit my mailbox over the years, and in the past, I had always filed them in the ’round file’. Last week I got another one. I actually read the entire letter all the way through this time. I thought, why not give it a try?

Let me make this perfectly clear, I do NOT expect to make any money from this scheme… I have searched the web and have yet to find a story of anyone making a lot of money from a letter like this that sounds credible. But instead of just throwing rocks at it and declaring that this is a scam, why not invest a relatively small amount of money in this experiment and report what happens on the world wide web to all that are interested? I will be THRILLED to get my original investment back. I admit that I have bought lottery tickets before, so have tens of millions of others. Who knows, maybe I will make tens of dollars in this ‘capital appreciation program’ (BIG GRIN)…

The letter makes some pretty incredible claims. The man that starts off in the letter (the aforementioned hard-luck story) says his name is Dick Hollman. He followed the instructions of this letter exactly, and in less than 90 days, he claims to have received over $800,000 in cash in his mailbox. You may read the letter in the next post…

I did a little math and figured that it would cost $328.00 and a little bit of time to conduct this experiment… I decided to give it a try. This blog is intended to be a journal of sorts following what happens when following this ‘capital accumulation program’.

Here are my expenses so far:

$82.00 – Postage
$42.00 – Copies
$10.00 – Envelopes
$32.00 – Mailing List
$162.00 – Mailbox rental (6 months)

TOTAL: $328.00

So, a mere $328.00 investment and a couple of hours stuffing envelopes. And I can expect $800,000 in about 90 days? I always heard that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… This definitely fits in that category. I will show the letter in my next post so you may read it for yourself. I decided that $328.00 is a small enough sum to go ahead and try this experiment. Even if our friend Dick Hollman exaggerated by a magnitude of 100 times, I would consider $8,000 an excellent return on a $328.00 investment… ;-

I rented a mailbox because I did not want to use my home address for this letter, or to make it too easy for people to Google me and call me at home. That is also one reason that I decided to do this blog, if people look hard enough, they may find this blog and read about how this turns out. It seems apparent to me that most of the people on the list of seven names use their home address. If I had done that, I would have cut my expenses in half.

I mailed 200 of the letters in today’s mail. I will come back to post each time there is something of interest to report. It should be interesting… FINGERS CROSSED!


16 Responses to “$800,000 in 90 days? Hmmm… I’m Skeptical, But Intrigued. Let’s try it and see what happens…”

  1. kjh Says:

    So, what’s the verdict?

  2. oppseek Says:

    kjh, check out my post from September entitled “It’s A Bust”… https://oppseek.wordpress.com/category/the-letter-report/

    Don’t waste your time OR money…

  3. Luigi Says:

    I’m glad I’m reading this! It’s a scam! The sad part of it all is, this would actually work! Only if at least 5% or more people would do it, but people don’t fall for these scams anymore!…

  4. Scottco Says:

    Thanks for your time and effort. I am wondering if it is not DATAFAX-ltd.com (the company in my letter that offers the mailing list for sale) who might be sending these out in order to sell something. It makes the most sense that they stand to be the only ones who actually make a legitimate profit from these letters. To me this seems like a logical sequence of events.

    Thanks again for this venue

  5. nazeno Says:

    I too am doing this experiment, but I am adding elements of “The Secret” – Positive thinking – surrounding each envelope with positive energy, seeing in my mind the recipient excitedly opening & reading them and then visualizing the cash coming in the mail, my mail and theirs – NO Skeptical Thinking. Negative thinking attracts negative energy to you. STAY POSITIVE! You invite the kind of energy to you that you send out to the universe…

    at any rate, at least I am staying positive…

    and no, I did not use DATAFAX

  6. Brenda Says:

    OMG!! i got one of these letters the other day … !! .. i was seriously going to go thru with it … but i felt the need to investigate .. i called the guy who sent out the letter .. ohh .. because he wrote his full name, address and cellular # in the letter saying to call him and ask any questions and that he “would be delighted to answer them” so i did and sure enough he answered! i asked questions and he was answering them real quick like a pro … he even said he’s made well over $5million so far .. i was like omg!! .. but i still wasent sure so i looked on line read the us postal laws and lottery laws then i looked up chain letters and Dick Hollman cus his letter is included too and found this site .. i was sooo releaved to find it and to think i almost went thru with the sending out $1 to the six peeps … THANK YOU for putting this helpful site up!

  7. Nataliya Says:

    I think, this would work if people would want to help others.

    • oppseek Says:

      Problem is, Nataliya, is that it DOESN’T work… At least that is what my experiment has shown me. I also have not seen credible evidence from the people on this board. Please don’t waste your money. If you are looking for a place to park your money and make it work for you – may I suggest a conservative stock that pays a 3-4% dividend?

      • americansbandtogether Says:

        Dear Oppseek,

        We are not talking about that kind of money here. The total expense along with time of course is less than $125.00 in my case. This is exploratory investment, a miniscule portion of monies one would have for investments. The post office is the big winner here – no doubt.

  8. arthurtee Says:

    i have also tried these letters and, unfortunately sometimes they do work, however, can you trust the postman or whoever else is “watching” a huge influx of mail to your address?. geez, louise!!

  9. americansbandtogether Says:

    Hello everyone,

    This program, the one I got had a copy of a letter from a retired atty., then Dick Hollman followed by the instructions (still 3 pages), gave me hope that we as American Citizens are by far the strongest weapon against any economic downturn / abuse of power / deception because without the American Consumer no business or government would be able to thrive.

    I have had one of these letters now for 1.5 wks. When I have time, I have been researching mainly because I have found so much fraud, mostly on the internet, and unfortunately have become TOO skeptical. I miss being an optimist! The assault we have received during the last 8 years from business and absence of government has really been difficult to maintain a positive demeanor.

    It took me to “retype” –scan and repair the three pages, at which time I found Dick Hollman’s name, googled it and landed here.

    Maybe we can use that name as a keyword for those receiving the mail to build trust and excitement required for this to work.

    Everything that I have read regarding this “experiment” seems legal and valid to date. Can we use wordpress as a reinforcing tool to push this forward?

    I have had one of these letters now for 1.5 wks. When I have time, I have been researching mainly because I have found so much fraud, mostly on the internet, and unfortunately have become TOO skeptical. I miss being an optimist! The assault we have received during the last 8 years from business and absence of government has really been difficult to maintain a positive demeanor.

    Back to the point, my research indicates that this program can work. It is unfortunate the amount of skepticism that has come to dominate our lives.

    I still think that for all the criminal behavior, ie ENRON, Halliburton, Madoff etc. we can use the internet to turn it around and change our course for ALL of us good Americans who want to find away out of this recession and back to respectable lives.

    Here are my expected expenses, the names of the people on my list to date, the name and price of the mailing list co. that I am considering.

    $82.00 – Postage
    $10.00 – Envelopes
    Paper & Ink – no charge
    3.5hrs – Research & est. 7.5 hrs. processing – pro-bono
    $25.00 – mailing list of 1000 = Dierichdirect residential mailing lists
    $117.00 total

    My 7 peeps are:
    1- Leslie Mckinney
    2- Daniel Warner
    3- Jim Henderson
    4- Joyce Boyles
    5- Elena Lup
    6- Bob Gheorghe
    7- Trent Parker (received letter from)

    I researched all these people, found they have physical addresses (homes or apt bldgs) and some phone numbers. I have not made any attempt to contact them as yet.

    Anybody got any thoughts on my ideas? I think, if we include a searchable keyword in the letter we can bring everybody here and better track the progress of the troops!!!

    Plz comment!!

  10. CantUSee Says:

    There are those on here that are right. This idea would work, if actually followed thru. Think about it. Its basic duplication. Same as in any REAL business. You duplicate your efforts thru others and all win. Its said that this is a scam. I can see how that can and would be thought. However if you do check the laws, it is legal. The key problem is the people not following thru, not being honest and following the system. Broaden your mind to the concept, but be wise about it. As for me, I have not seen the letter with the name mentioned here, but i have seen variations. The only way such a system works is with out of the box thinkers who are honest. Not many of us left these days. Good luck to all.

  11. MoneyMan6942 Says:

    Your all 2 neg. I tried this same letter. And no my total was not 800.000
    but it was 37,000.00. I was always wondering how the orig. 7 names got
    on the list?, Think about it, name 1 got dam near nothin. So this would mean that for the first 6 or 7 generations that the full potential is not realized. And when you got ur letter you really have no Idea what generation the letter is in. See what I mean.

  12. james Says:

    How did one’s address obtained when receiving this letter out of the blue? O.o

  13. Charles Jennings Says:

    I cant speak for everyone but the chain letter did work for me but I did not get the $800,000 they stated. I had sent out 600 envelopes and about 3 months later money was coming to my mail box. The money was coming non stop for 4 months & then it stopped. I came out with a total of $3,000 & I haven’t seen anymore money since. I havent sent anymore envelopes either. I thinks its a gamble you have to take. It’s a 50/50 chance it can work or not. If it works for you, you will receive money but i don’t think you will become rich like they said in the letter because I surely didn’t.

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